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Zambia is among the best of the best safari-giving countries on the earth. it’s a dwelling place for a varied number of wildlife, many national parks, huge water bodies, culture (with welcoming people), amazing daily sunsets and seventeen waterfalls, and therefore the spectacular Victoria Falls at the border which is shared by Zambia and Zimbabwe. Contact Munjile travel & tours for your affordable Zambia holiday packages.

Victoria Falls Safari Zambia:

Victoria Falls is found within the Southern part of Africa at the border of Zimbabwe and Zambia; these falls are locally referred to as “Mosi-oa-Tunya” which suggests “the smoke that thunders.” The Victoria Falls are found on River Zambezi and it’s believed that they might be the most important falls within the world with a height of 108m and a width of 1,708m. Since the falls are common in two countries; the upper falls are in Zambia and therefore the lower ones in Zimbabwe, all of them have unique and luxurious views which give an unprecedented experience. Victoria Falls was revealed by Livingstone who was a missionary explorer and therefore the nearby town where these falls are found is known as Livingstone after this explorer.

The best season of the year to visit Victoria falls

Victoria Falls is often visited between July and September, months like November and December the falls are only a few since they dry to the extent that they appear like canyons and between months January and should, this is often a wet season and heavy rainfalls, therefore, the Zambezi is filled making it hard to observe the spectacular falls since mist formed by the water pressure is sort of a wall making it hard to ascertain through. there’s a natural pool called the ‘Devil’s pool’; it’s found just roughly at the falls, it seems terrifying but it’s something one shouldn’t miss out on. Throughout the month of November, the water level decreases which then makes it very easy for tourists to swim, it’s one of the remarkable and memorable experiences one gets when here.
There also are other activities that will be done at the Victoria Falls like zip-lining, bungee jumping, sunset cruises, water rafting, flight tours over the falls, bridge tours among others.
Zambia may be a landlocked country located within the southern part of Africa. it’s bordered by Malawi to the East, Angola to the West, the Democratic Republic of Congo to the Northwest, Tanzania to the Northeast, Botswana, and Zimbabwe. Zambia’s topography in most areas is especially a high plateau with an altitude between 910m and 1,370m, and also there are mountains within the northeast with a height of 1,800m. The climate in most of the parts of the country like within the south and therefore the central is tropical modified based on the altitude, small patches within the southwest the climate is semi-arid. Lusaka is Zambia’s capital city; the official language is English.

Best Time to go to Zambia

Generally speaking, the country experiences a sub-tropical climate that features a dry and wet season rather than the more familiar winter and summer season. From May to October, the country is experiencing the season which is additionally considered the simplest time to go to the country as game viewing is at its best. The day temperatures are pleasant and mild however September and October experience extremely popular temperatures. The green/wet season on the opposite hand begins in December to April and throughout that point, the vegetation is verdant and thick making it quite challenging to identify wildlife. additionally, many of the safari lodges pack up as a result of flooding caused by the heavy rains which make some remote parts of the country inaccessible.
For those of you curious about viewing the gorgeous Victoria Falls from the Zambia side, it’s recommended that you simply visit in March, April, and should when the rains season has just ended when the river is fully flooded and therefore the waterfall offers a good curtain of water that’s very breathtaking. however please be -warned that visiting that Victoria falls in October and November you’ll not enjoy the spectacle of the waterfall because the Zambian side of the falls is dry not receiving any water so you’re advised to instead head to Zimbabwe for an exciting experience. Nonetheless, activities like swimming at the Devil’s Pool, foam rafting, and lots of others are often enjoyed when the water level is low.

Where to remain while in Zambia

There are a variety of safari lodges and tented camps found within the different game parks (including the Lower Zambezi National park, Kafue National park, and the South Luangwa National Park) and round the renowned Victoria Falls. These range from very comfortable luxury accommodation to basic budget accommodation.

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