Victoria Falls

Why Zimbabwe

A tourist destination that strives at giving you an African experience handwritten by Mother Nature with a compliment of how the African man has progressed as expressed through history and culture. Zimbabwe is a co-host of the Victoria Falls, home of the Hwange Hwange and Mana pools national park and has its own historical significance to Southern Africa. From the wildlife, the worthwhile heritage sites to the rich history and culture it certainly is a place to visit for your African adventure.

Highlights of Zimbabwe

The Victoria Falls

A hotspot for travellers coming to Africa certainly does make its mark as being the largest sheet falling water; perhaps this could be the reason mother nature decided it should be shared by two countries – Zambia and Zimbabwe. The place is synonymous with activities such as swimming at the devil’s pool, white water rafting, flight of angels, Zambezi expeditions and many more.

Hwange National Park

The Hwange National Park is the largest national park in Zimbabwe. It is famous for also hosting a large number of Elephants and South African wild dogs or painted wolves. Apart from that it also has Lions, Zebra, brown spotted hyena, to mention but a few, and also several species of birds.

Great Zimbabwe Ruins

The Stone City with a great debate on who actually built it. We may not be here to settle the debate for you but we will tell you that a historical site dating back to the 11 century is worth the visit. The name of the country actually originates from this structure.

Mana Pools National Park

The Mana Pools National Park has been associated with walking and canoe safaris. The park has the highest concentration of Hippos and crocodiles as well as many bird species. Predators such lion can be spotted as they hunt for prey near the pools.

Travel Packages for Zimbabwe

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