Experience Africa’s wilderness at its best as you visit Zambia; having 30% of its area reserved for wildlife it strives at letting nature express itself with an authentic African Wilderness vibe. It boasts of 20 national parks with the Luangwa, Kafue, Mosi-o-tunya and lower Zambezi being the most commonly known.

Playing an important role in Sothern African History it also houses important historical sites telling different stories but all pointing to the progression of man through time in the Southern African context. Ranging from different cultural interactions through time and changes in the economic structures, Zambia enables you to have a clear picture of where we were and the steps we have taken to get where we are now.

With its terrain the country is also rich in rivers, waterfalls such as the Victoria falls, natural lakes, gorges and escarpments. So what are you waiting for – Zambia awaits you like an open book for you to write your own story.

Historical Sites in Zambia

Waterfalls and Lakes

In spite of being one of the landlocked countries in Africa, the country has its own share of waterfalls throughout the country. From the famous natural wonder – the Victoria falls, to the Kalambo Falls, the Kundalila falls and others; the country simply can’t wait to show its beauty. The Country also houses both natural and man-made lakes. With lakes such as the Kariba playing their role in the country’s history.

National Parks

With its many national parks Zambia makes its stand as one of the African countries housing the big five. With most of the famous parks having made a name as the place of walking safaris; its no wonder Zambia should be your next destination.


A culture shows you the way of life of people. From the urban areas to rural areas of Zambia get to learn of the differences in life and practices thus appreciating Zambia’s way of life and uniqueness.

Heritage sites

With its rich history, Zambia’s heritage sites do tell a story. Ranging from natural heritage sites spelling out the country’s geography to key historical sites which tell Southern Africa’s story.

Travel Packages for Zambia